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Viagra (sildenafil citrate)

Viagra is a medical drug which goes by the name sildenafil citrate. Viagra is a brand and this drug was initially invented to lower the blood pressure level in human beings. While this drug was being tested, the drug seemed to have an additional benefit-It also helped solve the problem of erectile dysfunction in men.

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Viagra (sildenafil citrate) 4 Film-Coated Tablets /

What You Need To Know All About Viagra

Because of impotence, most of the modern men have now taken a route to Viagra, which seems to be the first oral pill for treating erectile dysfunction. This drug is produced by the famous Pharmaceutical company, Pfizer and even get approval from the FDA as it is enormously effective to help men in treating an erection.

What is Viagra?

Viagra, chemically known as sildenafil is a drug belonging to the class of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor. This drug works by boosting the nitric oxide level in the body which opens up the blood vessels leading up to the penis, thereby relaxing and helping gain an erection in men. Nitric oxide is a chemical which is produced during sexual stimulation & is responsible for achieving and maintaining an erection in the human body. And contrary to the misconception, Viagra automatically does not produce an erection. Rather, it is just an aid to the natural body process and one might still require and external sexual stimulation to get an erection. Viagra just helps with getting and maintaining a stable erection in men.

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When people tend to buy Viagra?

Behind impotence, there are several psychogenic and medical reasons. But, Viagra is examined to be effective in overcoming all the conditions of dysfunction. This drug not just causes erection directly, yet also enhances the response to sexual stimulation. For this reason, men solely depend on Viagra. The drug enhances the discharge of nitric oxide in the body that actually happens when an individual is sexually aroused. The role of nitric oxide is to relax the smooth muscles, thereby allowing enough flow of blood into several penile areas and causing an erection

Things to be considered while purchasing Viagra:

Viagra is generally available in the form of oral tablets of varying strengths such as 25mg, 50mg as well as 100mg. The cost of each pill is around $10. People are usually advised to start using the tablet with medium strength. Then later, you can shift to 25 mg or 100 mg according to your needs. Viagra is taken once a day about 3 hours prior to the sexual intercourse.

Viagra tablets are normally diamond-shaped and blue in color. Further, you would find the words “VGR XX” and “Pfizer” carved on either side. The “XX” represents none other than the dosage strength, whether it is 25 mg, 50 mg or even 100 mg.

Next thing to consider is the side effects caused by Viagra. Some of the serious side effects are Priapism, stroke, hypotension, increased intraocular pressure, myocardial infarction and ventricular arrhythmias. Furthermore, headache, sneezing, stomach ache, prolonged erections, flushing, palpitations, visual impairment and photophobia are some of the most commonly experienced fallouts of the drugs.

Most importantly, patients who are undergoing HIV treatment should never make use of Viagra. If they do so, it is better consult a medical professional or simply limit the intake. This is also not advisable for individuals having nitroglycerin, since this might adversely affect the levels of blood pressure.

How people used to buy Viagra?

First of all, keep in mind that Viagra is not available over-the-counter as it is sold only on prescription. Inquire a licensed medical practitioner regarding the dosage, which you would need. Moreover, it is always a wise idea to obtain medical advice prior to buying Viagra. This simply means that your medical history has to be assessed completely prior to administering the drug. Also, there are many online retailers who are ready to deliver Viagra all across the world. There will be Viagra for Asians, Viagra UK, Viagra US and many more. However, in almost all the cases, it is only delivered after a complete medical profile check. You should also remember that Viagra consumption won’t offer any biological resistance against sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS.

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How is Viagra Used?

Viagra is a drug to be taken orally with or without the food, around 30 minutes before one intends to have a sexual performance. Once this drug is taken, it gives an erection lasting for more than four hours. Care needs to be taken of not taking this drug more than once a day.

History of Viagra

Viagra is now one of the most potent drugs in the market when it comes to treating any form of erectile dysfunctions. This drug was initially designed by the Pfizer scientists who were working at Kent, England. They were trying to find a solution to the problem of hypertension and angina pectoris. And while they were testing this drug, it came to their notice that this drug did very little when it came to the prevention of angina pectoris. However, in case of subjects, it was found that it induced marked erections of the penis.

As a result, this drug was further tested and was known to have a positive effect when it came to the treatment of impotence. Thus, it began its marketing on these lines. In the year 1998, this drug was the first one to be approved in the United States to treat the issue of erectile dysfunction.

Since its marketing, this drug has been used illicitly by men who have doubted their sexual prowess. This drug has also been used by men after consuming a lot of alcohol to have penetrative sex, thus leading to drug abuse. It should be noted here that this drug causes no effect in case of individuals who have no issue of erectile dysfunction, but only gives a placebo effect when consumed by them. Also, this drug is ineffective in case of women, as it in no way increases the sexual stimulation in women.

When should one see a Doctor?

Erectile dysfunction is quite a common thing in men and nearly all men suffer from it. However, it needs to be noted that not all the cases need treatment. And this happens as an erection is concerned with the brain, hormones, blood vessels and nerves. Some of the most common causes of ED include:

  • Diseases & conditions like diabetes, hypertension, poor circulation, low testosterone, heart or thyroid conditions, certain neurological disorders, like Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis, certain injuries to the spiral cord or nerve damage, etc.
  • Emotional & psychological factors, like stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, unrealistic sexual expectations, anger, depression, negative or poor communication with the partner, low self-esteem etc.
  • Use of certain types of drugs, like nicotine or cocaine. Even excessive alcohol leads to ED
  • Use of certain medicines, like the blood pressure medicines (beta-blockers), antidepressants, heart medicine (digoxin), peptic ulcer medicines, sleeping pills etc.
  • Obesity
  • Living a sedentary unhealthily lifestyle

When ED becomes a chronic problem which inhibits one’s ability to maintain or achieve an erection 25 % of the time, then is the time to see a doctor. Infact, if there is ED, there is a higher chance of one suffering from some heart problem.

What are the Side-Effects of Viagra?

The most common side effect for a Viagra is nasal congestion, headache, impaired vision, dyspepsia and photophobia. Some users have also experienced cyanopsia where they see everything in a tinge of tinted blue colour. In rare cases, Viagra might lead to permanent vision impairment, nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, heart attacks, increased intraocular pressure, sudden loss of hearing and ventricular arryhythmias.

Some of the side-effects of Viagra include:

  • Indigestion
  • Headache
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Vision loss
  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Flushing
  • Blue vision
  • Priapism, (Condition where an erection lasts for more than 4 hours)

Contraindications in case of Viagra

Viagra should be avoided by those who are:

  • On organic nitrates, nitrates
  • Refrained from having any kind of a sexual intercourse on account of cardiovascular risk factors
  • Suffering from severe form of hepatic impairment
  • Suffering from some form of kidney disease
  • Suffering from the problem of low blood pressure
  • Suffered from a heart attack recently
  • Suffered from some form of stroke
  • Suffering from hereditary retinal disorders

Thus, it can be concluded that Viagra when consumed as a medicine, will have its potential benefits. Due to its side-effects which range from common to severe, a doctor’s advise needs to be taken, before one decides to pop the pill.

With Viagra No More Erectile Dysfunction

Failing to keep up erection for considerable time span is the symptom of Erectile Dysfunction, men are seen experiencing ED on varying grounds, few are having physical reasons few are having psychological reasons. But whatever the reason is when blood flows insufficiently to the penis, ED happens thus causing disturbance in sexual interaction. Huge number of people is affected and either they are trying to treat by doing something on their own by adopting home remedies or keeping this secret inside thus avoiding sexual interaction with their partners. ED may happen consistently whenever you involve in intimacy with your partner or it may happen once or irregularly.

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How Far Viagra is Helpful

  • A satisfying sex life is a dream that everyone sees as it strengthens happy partnership. Men who are finding performing bedroom activities little difficult and challenging, Viagra has the solution but it should be taken under the supervision of the concerned health practitioner.
  • Viagra is one of the most popular drugs having number of positive effects. ED is a taboo that men hardly want to talk about even with closest of their friends and family members. They can easily depend upon Viagra and men who are little reticent talking with their GP about their situation, they can make Viagra their best friend.
  • There are men who suffer silently, but with Viagra, they don’t have to be worried about anything as this over the counter drug can be obtained without a prescription.
  • ED is actually common in men and they need proper treatment to get rid of this problem forever, however Viagra alone cannot do any wonder, only the symptomatic benefits are there.
  • When someone is undergoing ED, this drug only improves erection but nothing else. Sexual arousal is in no way improved by Viagra.
  • The moment Viagra is consumed, Sildenafil starts working and you will be getting erection for quite a long time.

How does Viagra Work?

  • If you are not sexually stimulated Viagra won't be working for you, without stimulation this medicine will not be getting sufficient atmosphere to work. You don't have to rush. Right after sexual activity, your erection will calm down. In rare cases, erection is seen lasting for 4 hours, if erection is lasting it's better to seek immediate medical assistance only to avoid permanent injury.
  • As it is mentioned above, Viagra is known to relax the muscle thus increasing the blood circulation. With sexual stimulation, Nitric Oxide (NO) releases from endothelial cells and varying nerve endings in a specific part of penis identified as corpus cavernosum. The functional enzymes then transform guanosine triphosphate and it becomes guanosine monophosphate thus relaxing the penis muscles. With sufficient blood flow an erection occurs.
  • Those who are suffering through impotence and having frequent erectile dysfunction often generate insufficient amounts of NO. So it implies immediate generation of cGMP which then breaks down and gets insufficient time to build up and generate long-drawn-out vasodilation effect. Sildenafil functions by slowing down the enzyme PDE5. This implies that cGMP will not be hydrolysed, thus muscles relax and it should be kept in mind that Sildenafil is one highly potent and selective PDE5 inhibitor.

5 Things to Remember Before Buying Viagra Online

One of the easiest things to do these days is to buy Viagra online. In fact, a peep into the internet will show too many online pharmacies springing up here and there selling all kinds of Viagra drug. However, it is important to note that some of these sources are not genuine and some of the Viagra drugs sold over the internet are probably fake and not even branded. This is why you must be careful when buying Viagra online and for this reason; we bring to you some things you must remember before buying Viagra online.

Get to Know Genuine Viagra Pills

The first thing you must do is to know the genuine Viagra pills and the truth is that they are out there but you must have to know it before you can spot the difference. For example, the genuine Viagra pills are blue with the shape of a diamond. Pfizer is written at the back while the dosage strength is written on the front.

Thing 1
Do a Bit of Online Research

The truth is that doing a bit of online research will not hurt you. You do not have to be lazy or too busy to check on Google about these things. Do not forget that some of these websites displaying “Buy Viagra” may be fake and trying to buy form these sites could endanger your credit card information and other personal details. The point is that doing some online research is not bad at all and it will also help you compare prices, quality and spot things which could be abnormal. At the end of the day, you will be buying from the best possible place and be sure of the quality.

Thing 2
Consultation Process Should Not be Skipped

No matter what the condition is, it is important that you do not skip the consultation process. No doubt, there are some websites that could allow you skip the process or consultation so that you can buy the drug directly. However, note that this is not just only an illegal act in many countries but it is also very dangerous and must be discouraged. Sites that bypass consultation sell Viagra pills and there is a possibility that they may be selling Viagra pills that are not genuine. Therefore, when you are confronted with a website that suggests you skip the consultation process, remember that your own life and health may be at stake.

Thing 3
Never Place Money Before Health

There are many cheap Viagra pills online but how genuine these pills are cannot be ascertained on the internet. Do not get tempted to buy a fake Viagra pills because of a savings of few dollars. Buying and using fake Viagra will put your health at risk with severe damage to your vital body organs.

Thing 4
There are Many Sources and Pharmacies

Even if you are buying Viagra from websites originating from your country, note that they may also be operating internationally. Therefore, it is not impossible to these websites sourcing for Viagra from third world countries and selling them in the developed world. Be sure of their source.

Thing 5

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The question of how to get value for your Bitcoins in cash has long been the subject of discussion for many conversations. The concept of Bitcoins being used in place of currency has made many people embrace the concept of investing in Bitcoins. Until then, the only hope you have of using your Bitcoins is if you convert them to cash. This involves either of the following ways.

First, you can sell the Bitcoins on a cryptocurrency exchange. Considered as the most straightforward means, this can be achieved through platforms like Coinbase and Kraken and involves selling the Bitcoins and withdrawing the cash you get in return from your bank.

Secondly, you can sell the Bitcoins to friends who may be interested in acquiring the same. This transaction is on the merit of trust that both parties will deliver on what is expected from their end. As such, while they get the Bitcoins from you, you get fiat currency.

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It is important to note that the value of Bitcoins is never constant and fluctuates with market trends. Your conversion should therefore help you escape market decline.