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Viagra (sildenafil citrate)

Viagra is a drug used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in guys. According to NKUDIC, around 5 % of men aged over 40 suffer from the issue of erectile dysfunction and with age, this problem increases. 15 to 25 % men in the age group of 65 plus, experience the issue of erectile dysfunction. Hence, it is not a surprise that this product is so well advertised, becoming one of the most popular drug consumed by men the world over.

Viagra 4 Film-Coated Tablets

Viagra (sildenafil citrate) 4 Film-Coated Tablets /

What is Viagra?

Viagra, chemically known as sildenafil is a drug belonging to the class of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor. This drug works by boosting the nitric oxide level in the body which opens up the blood vessels leading up to the penis, thereby relaxing and helping gain an erection in men. Nitric oxide is a chemical which is produced during sexual stimulation & is responsible for achieving and maintaining an erection in the human body. And contrary to the misconception, Viagra automatically does not produce an erection. Rather, it is just an aid to the natural body process and one might still require and external sexual stimulation to get an erection. Viagra just helps with getting and maintaining a stable erection in men.

How is Viagra Used?

Viagra is a drug to be taken orally with or without the food, around 30 minutes before one intends to have a sexual performance. Once this drug is taken, it gives an erection lasting for more than four hours. Care needs to be taken of not taking this drug more than once a day.

When should one see a Doctor?

Erectile dysfunction is quite a common thing in men and nearly all men suffer from it. However, it needs to be noted that not all the cases need treatment. And this happens as an erection is concerned with the brain, hormones, blood vessels and nerves. Some of the most common causes of ED include:

  • Diseases & conditions like diabetes, hypertension, poor circulation, low testosterone, heart or thyroid conditions, certain neurological disorders, like Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis, certain injuries to the spiral cord or nerve damage, etc.
  • Emotional & psychological factors, like stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, unrealistic sexual expectations, anger, depression, negative or poor communication with the partner, low self-esteem etc.
  • Use of certain types of drugs, like nicotine or cocaine. Even excessive alcohol leads to ED
  • Use of certain medicines, like the blood pressure medicines (beta-blockers), antidepressants, heart medicine (digoxin), peptic ulcer medicines, sleeping pills etc.
  • Obesity
  • Living a sedentary unhealthily lifestyle

When ED becomes a chronic problem which inhibits one’s ability to maintain or achieve an erection 25 % of the time, then is the time to see a doctor. Infact, if there is ED, there is a higher chance of one suffering from some heart problem.

What are the Side-Effects of Viagra?

Some of the side-effects of Viagra include:

  • Indigestion
  • Headache
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Vision loss
  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Flushing
  • Blue vision
  • Priapism, (Condition where an erection lasts for more than 4 hours)

Should I Order My Viagra Online?

Order Viagra Online

With the proliferation of online Viagra products out there for anyone to purchase, it can be tempting to just go and buy it, right? It is so easy and convenient after all. However, we should all be aware that not all of these sources are safe nor actual genuine Viagra. The reality is, most people end up getting duped. However, this article hopes to give you a few tips and tricks in order not to get buying a dud:

The Genuine Article or Rather Pill

Most people have an idea of what a Viagra pill looks like. We all know it as the “magic blue pill” after all. But what does it actually look like and how can we spot a genuine article from a fake?

A genuine, branded Viagra pills is indeed blue but is also diamond-shaped pill. It also has the dosage strength stamped on one side and on the other, the name of the manufacturing company - Pfizer - as well as VGR written there. This is one way to know if the pills you are getting are the real deal or are they a dud.

If you happen to find out that the pills were about to purchase are not what was described above, then it’s better not to buy them! These are more than likely to be fake.

5 Things to Remember Before Buying Viagra Online

One of the easiest things to do these days is to buy Viagra online. In fact, a peep into the internet will show too many online pharmacies springing up here and there selling all kinds of Viagra drug. However, it is important to note that some of these sources are not genuine and some of the Viagra drugs sold over the internet are probably fake and not even branded. This is why you must be careful when buying Viagra online and for this reason; we bring to you some things you must remember before buying Viagra online.

Get to Know Genuine Viagra Pills

The first thing you must do is to know the genuine Viagra pills and the truth is that they are out there but you must have to know it before you can spot the difference. For example, the genuine Viagra pills are blue with the shape of a diamond. Pfizer is written at the back while the dosage strength is written on the front.

Thing 1
Do a Bit of Online Research

The truth is that doing a bit of online research will not hurt you. You do not have to be lazy or too busy to check on Google about these things. Do not forget that some of these websites displaying “Buy Viagra” may be fake and trying to buy form these sites could endanger your credit card information and other personal details. The point is that doing some online research is not bad at all and it will also help you compare prices, quality and spot things which could be abnormal. At the end of the day, you will be buying from the best possible place and be sure of the quality.

Thing 2
Consultation Process Should Not be Skipped

No matter what the condition is, it is important that you do not skip the consultation process. No doubt, there are some websites that could allow you skip the process or consultation so that you can buy the drug directly. However, note that this is not just only an illegal act in many countries but it is also very dangerous and must be discouraged. Sites that bypass consultation sell Viagra pills and there is a possibility that they may be selling Viagra pills that are not genuine. Therefore, when you are confronted with a website that suggests you skip the consultation process, remember that your own life and health may be at stake.

Thing 3
Never Place Money Before Health

There are many cheap Viagra pills online but how genuine these pills are cannot be ascertained on the internet. Do not get tempted to buy a fake Viagra pills because of a savings of few dollars. Buying and using fake Viagra will put your health at risk with severe damage to your vital body organs.

Thing 4
There are Many Sources and Pharmacies

Even if you are buying Viagra from websites originating from your country, note that they may also be operating internationally. Therefore, it is not impossible to these websites sourcing for Viagra from third world countries and selling them in the developed world. Be sure of their source.

Thing 5

The Different Dosage of Viagra

Viagra is a medication used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a condition where some men are incapable of getting an erection and sustaining it. Though it is mainly for male, however, some online websites do advertise the female version of this drug in helping them from lack or total loss of libido.

Magic Blue Pill

This drug comes in three different doses, which are 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg respectively. The dose to take depends on different factors. It is important to consult your doctor on the particular dose. For most men, the recommend initial dose is 50mg once a day. Subject to how effective the drug is, your health condition, and how the individual reacts to it, the dosage might be increased to 100mg or decreased to 25mg. The medication is taken when it is required that is 30 minutes or an hour prior to the time of sexual intercourse. It is highly crucial to note that the medication on its won’t create an erection unless you are stimulated sexually. Other medications do interact with this drug, so prior to the intake inform your doctor.

The dose – 25mg tables

This is the lowest dose available for this drug. This may be prescribed to do due to some medications that might impede with the drug. The intake of this drug with the following may cause a severe drop in blood pressure:

  • Alpha-blockers
  • Drugs in treating HIV

The 25mg dosage may be prescribed if you have a health condition such as low blood pressure. However, if it isn’t potent in dealing with the issue, your doctor may consider a higher dose.

Viagra 25 mg

The dose – 50mg tables

This does is recommended for men with erectile dysfunction problems. The increment to 100mg or reduction to 25mg will be determined on how the person reacts to it. This is normally for people above the age of 18 and without any other medical conditions that might be aggravated by the side effects of this pill. The recommend dose for this is one per day and with water. While some may take it and get an erection, for others it may not. If such situation arises, ensure to talk to your doctor if switching to higher dosage will solve the problem.

Viagra 50 mg

The dose – 100mg tables

This is the maximum Viagra dosage available for this medication. Though it is the maximum does, it won’t automatically guaranty you that you will get an erection once taken. Some effort is required from your end – you need to be aroused sexually for it to work perfectly. Just like the previous different doses, one dose per day is the recommended dosage. For better result, it is preferable to take without eating any food.

Viagra 100 mg

For most people, it has been proven that the intake of these different doses is effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Ensure you consult your doctor concerning your medical history so as not to interfere with other medications taken by you.

How does Viagra work

Things to know about Viagra and erectile dysfunction

Viagra and erectile dysfunction

Sexual problems were not considered by the doctors in past. People used their own ways to treat a sexual problem but now such medicines are available in market which can show their working in very short time. This thing makes the user very satisfied regarding the activity of medicine. Viagra or Sildenafil citrate is one of such medicines which have the ability to show their best activity in 1-2 hours. Basically, Viagra is recommended by the doctors to those men who are suffering with erectile dysfunction.

We know that in present life people are suffering from numbers of health problems. This is only due to the less care regarding the food and health. People remain busy in their office work and pay less attention towards their health. Sometimes their own family members ask for time but they remain unable to manage themselves. This busy life has made the man very irresponsible either it is related to his family or his own health.

If a person has got erectile dysfunction by any way, then he needs a good medical treatment so that he can become normal at least before the sexual activity. In getting a good medical treatment, professional doctor ask the patient to use Viagra after examine him thoroughly. There are very rare cases in which doctor prescribe the use of a medicine other than Viagra for ED treatment. This is decided after the knowing the complete health history of that person. In some cases, the patient may be the victim of other health problems so the use of Viagra can cause problem for the body. Besides this, nitrates containing medicine are also considered very harmful if they are use along with Viagra.

There are a few side effects of using Viagra and the user must have the knowledge about them before using this medicine. Some side effects are less common which include bluish vision, blurred vision and less sensitivity of light. Common side effects include upset stomach, kidney and liver problem, headache and facial flushing. It is very easy to get rid of these side effects if immediate medical help is taken. If you will not consider these side effects while using Viagra, you will push yourself towards health problems. Viagra is also used for pulmonary hypertension and altitude sickness. But the use of Viagra should be according to the prescription of experienced doctor. This is a short review about the use of Viagra.

Can Physical Activities Reduce the Chances of ED?

Can Physical Activities Reduce the Chances of ED?As indicated by different rumoured doctors and urologists, physical exercise is a standout amongst the most urgent parts of having a solid existence style and separated from that, it is additionally exceptionally important to appreciate the sexual demonstrations without bounds. On the off chance that you are getting confounded in regards to what kind of activities and physical exercises are being specified, they it ought to be seen that a minor inclusion in two or three hours of running and some other type of cardio vascular activities may enable you to accomplish the sexual soundness you had always wanted.

Emotional Effects Of Viagra

Emotional Effects Of ViagraFor one thing, a ton of men convey the conviction that sexual execution and having a firm erection is a standout amongst the most characterizing and vital attributes of each sexual experience. As men attempt to understand their ED, numerous conventional (and understood) male qualities about sexuality are activated. For instance, the failure to keep up erection regularly prompts sentiments of disgrace in light of the fact that numerous men trust that "genuine" men ought to have the capacity to fulfill their accomplice.

Causes and Ways of Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Causes and Ways of Treatment of Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual problems which are found in men. Numbers of people become the victim of this sexual problem because of unawareness regarding this sexual problem. Besides this, many doctors are not professional in treating sexual problems so when a finds tells the symptom of erectile dysfunction, doctors treat another health problem rather than diagnosing the right problem and then treating it.

Impotence and It's Primary Treatment Options

Impotence and It's Primary Treatment OptionsMen who have ED (erectile dysfunction) or impotence have a problem getting or keeping an erection that's firm enough for sexual intercourse. All men have diEculties with erections from time to time. In some men it is infrequent or mild. In others it is a consistent, more severe problem. It can lead low self-esteem, performance anxiety, depression, stress and may aEect the quality of a marriage or intimate relationship.

Sexual problem which can spoil your marriage life

Sexual problem which can spoil your marriage lifeIt is true that technological improvements have made our lives very easy and comfortable but on the other hand they also have many disadvantages which we usually not consider. For example, if you are able to do a job with the help of a device from your chair then you will spend most of your time at chair and ultimately become the victim of obesity. It is very important for a person to move here and there at work time so that his body gets proper motion.

Is Younger Generation Completely Safe from ED?

Is Younger Generation Completely Safe from ED?It is medically predicted that a lot men have to experience traces of erectile issues sooner or later, however the probability of experiencing such issues at an early age is very feeble. It has been seen that the men between the age group of 45 years to 65 years often feel the presence of occasional erectile issues. Although, the chances of a severe condition might not be so strong with the younger generation, yet, the frequency of such erectile dysfunctions and other sexual disorders tend to increase as one ages and the age factor plays a crucial role in determining and predicting a period when a person is highly vulnerable to such penile problems.

Satisfactory sex is the key to successful relationship

Satisfactory sex is the key to successful relationshipLove is very important for every person who is living in this world. It is hard to survive in such a world without having the feeling of Love. Love is a special feeling of a person for other and this is the thing which makes the person to take any step for the loved one. A true lover always tries to keep his love happy. The presentation of true love always comes in the form of sexual intercourse in the end. Here I am talking about the pure love of two opposite genders who have feelings for each other.

Effects of diet on sperm activity

Effects of diet on sperm activityFrom many of the years, it was said by the nutritionist that you are what you eat. Now, it is one step ahead and according to the new research the sperm quality also dependent on your diet quality. This research observations was presented in the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting in Orlando and clearly shown that how quality of sperm is directly related to the diet quality.

Is Viagra suitable for women?

Is Viagra suitable for women?Pursuing sexual satisfaction is a natural biological drive inherent in all species including humans. Unlike in animals, the drive is not instinctive alone in humans. Men are supposed to be sexually more inclined and aggressive than women. The availability of Viagra in the market has men and women searching for the same answer and queuing up to buy the product. Women too are covertly or overtly seeking sexual satisfaction. The question often asked by women is whether Viagra is suitable for women too?

Viagra (Sildenafil citrate)

Viagra (Sildenafil citrate)Increasing pollution in our environment directly puts a debilitating affect on the erection capacity of penis. Continuous exposure to noise and air pollution leaves the penis unable to achieve full erection even when sexual stimulation is provided. One of the most successful drugs producing company called Pfizer pharmaceuticals has introduced its product which effectively fights impotence. This miraculous drug is available in the medical stores by the name of Pfizer’s Viagra. Viagra helps achieve potent erection highly dreamed of. Since its production Viagra has earned the satisfaction of its costumers all over the world. Viagra truly comes triumphant in the fight between impotence and Viagra.

Common Knowledge Helps

Common Knowledge HelpsScience and technology is making rapid progress. The advancement in the recent or the past two hundred years has is perhaps the highest progress made so far in any civilization that is known to mankind. Man has been able to use science and technology for the welfare of mankind and make life comfortable. The recent years have seen specialization in the fields of bio technology, molecular biology, nano technology and other disciplines that is paving way for new methods and better understanding of the human body and its mechanisms as well as of the animals and other plant life as well.

Let the Doctors Do Their Job

Let the Doctors Do Their JobMost of us are over enthusiastic in reading up medical information from the websites and we believe that we know it all. Isn’t it common that we read about some new drug that is available over the counter and the next time round when we have some symptoms, we tend to resort to self medication? Not many pause to think that this can get us into trouble and that we should never experiment with medicines of any type without knowing how it is going to affect us.

Sex on the Rebound

Sex on the ReboundIf you have recently gone through a breakup or divorce especially if it was less than amicable, you may be wondering when it is the right time to get back out on the dating scene. Or in some cases, you might decide that you don’t want to date, you just want to go out and let it all hang loose. While it’s understandable that you may be feeling a bit rebellious, or even a bit angry at your ex, you don’t want to go out and make a fool of yourself or do something you will deeply regret later. Sex on the rebound doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, as long as you go about it the right way.

Where to buy Viagra

Viagra is a prescribed drug for men with erectile dysfunction or ED, which means you, cannot buy a tablet without a written prescription from a doctor. To get a prescription, you need to consult a doctor about the symptoms you experience. It is very important to see a doctor about your sexual situation to avoid other complications that may lead to more dangerous and risky illness.

With the pill’s popularity and claimed effectively, counterfeit versions began to surface in the market. These versions are cheaper than the original and are illegal. They can also incur harmful effects as no one has an idea what they are made of.

Viagra counterfeit possible contents

Experts from Pfizer, the manufacturer of Viagra was able to get some samples of the counterfeit versions of the pill and was able to extract them to see the contents of these illegal drugs. This is also to warn the public about the danger that these harmful items can make.

Among the contents found are the following:

  • Amphetamines – commonly known as “speed”, a prohibited drug
  • Metronidazole – a powerful antibiotic that can lead to allergic reaction, diarrhea, and vomiting
  • High or low content of sildenafil citrate, which may cause risky complications
  • Binding agents – a form of drywall, which keep the pill from breaking down once inside your body
  • Other toxic ingredients, including boric acid, brick dust, floor wax, rat poison, and road paint

How to spot counterfeit

A Viagra counterfeit can be easy and hard to identify, especially nowadays when illegal companies have the machines to make it look like the original. Among the common properties of counterfeit versions are the following:

  • Blue printer ink. The prints on the package are not vivid. Some of them are printed on a common printer and with blotted edges.
  • Pale or too dark color of the pill
  • Ineffective. A genuine Viagra takes effect 30-60 minutes after intake and can last up to 4 to 6 hours. If the tablet you took in did not take effect on those particular times, it can be a counterfeit. A fake pill can also give an abrupt strong affect right after you take in.
buying Viagra online

Buying Online

There are also several accredited online stores where you can buy a tablet, provided that you have a prescription. However, counterfeits are more common in online stores since you are not able to see the actual product not unless it was delivered to you upon payment. Here are few tips to avoid fake Viagra online stores:

  • The store requires a valid prescription. It is illegal when it allows you to buy without any prescription from a qualified doctor.
  • Check the phone number, business name and address of the store in a US address book. You can also check the online store through Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS®).
  • Do not buy ‘Generic Viagra’ as the FDA has not approved such product in the market.
  • A legitimate tablet comes in three doses only: 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg.
  • This pill is in tablet form. So if the store claims that it is made of anything other than tablet, it is a counterfeit, it is illegal and it is not safe.

The best medicine ever for ED treatment

Viagra is suitable for many people who are the victim of erectile dysfunction. Generally, some medicines are not suited to people that is why the demand of such medicines do not increase. A medicine that is suitable for all people is considered very best because it can be used by most of the people. Viagra is a medicine that equally works in all people. This medicine should be used according to the prescription of doctor as a professional doctor can suggest you the best dose and medicine. No doubt Viagra is very safe to use but side effects are the part of all medicines. A user should know these side effects before using the medicine. Numbers of side effects may increase if Viagra is used without any prescription of doctor. Now, you must have the knowledge that Viagra is used for erectile dysfunction. The recommended dose of Viagra should be taken with water rather than selecting a dose yourself.

Viagra 4 Film-Coated Tablets

Canadian Pack of Viagra /

Let us discuss the effects of other medical problems and medicines on the working of Viagra. According to the professionals, the excessive use of nitrates with the Viagra should be prohibited because the nitrates have the ability to reduce the effectiveness of Viagra. Besides this, other medicines also contain those chemical which also play their part in decreasing the Viagra’s activity. There is a side effect of taking a heavy dose of Viagra and you need to avoid this side effect. This side effect is called as Priapism. Priapism is the opposite case of erectile dysfunction. In erectile dysfunction, the affected person cannot get erection while in Priapism the infected person cannot lose erection easily. Both cases of sexual problem are quite hazardous for the health as well as for life. Life is the biggest and best gift of God and we human beings should take much care of our health. To lead a well-balanced life, we should take help from professional doctors who can guide us in a very better way.

Viagra doses

Well, discussing about the use of Viagra for erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension we come to know about its best result. The main use of Viagra is in the treatment of erectile dysfunction but sometimes doctors also suggest its use for pulmonary hypertension. Viagra is mostly used as a single medicine but those doctors who have a good knowledge about Viagra also prescribe it with other medicines to increase the effectiveness.