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Sickness, due to the high job stress

According to the latest study it is confirmed that high stress during the job time may lead to the sick leaves due to the mental disorder. Job is in our daily life routine but stress of the job is depending on the nature of the job. Person remain too much calm and spend the day easily on the job location and after when environment of the job is comfortable but it can show stress and disturb the mental health when job is in comfortable environment. For this research, about 12000 Swedish workers participated in which about 8 percent of the worker victimized of mental health problem and took sick leaves during the five years. In these workers, three quarters of the workers were women. Persons who are living on the job place with high pressure of work and less social life is suffering from a lot of stress and getting of them mental health disorder. As well as unhealthy life style, many of the other factors like smoking is also showing bad effects regarding this but alcohol addicted people are not.


According to the another study, a good physical activity during the daily life routine may help to reduce the risk factor of mental health problem which cause the sick leaves during the job. Lisa Mater said, it is proved through the findings of this study that psychological problems at the work place produce a serious harmful effect on the mental health of the person and as a result person have to ask for sick leave from office work. It is suggested that worker should do exercise of such activities which may help to reduce the risk of these problems. Researcher added that many of the attempts are doing for reducing such type of the environment at the work place which is not suitable for the workers and cause the sick leave. It is also important to address the workplace problem otherwise just attempt for adaptation of the healthy life is not sufficient.