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Men are Beginning to Change

Most men believe that they are strong and healthy. Often men mistake physical strength as a sign of good health. Survey of men across various countries shows that almost sixty five percent of men do not pay attention to their health and fitness.

However in the recent years we have seen a changing trend both amongst women as well as men. Beauty treatments and products meant for women and their quest for new products to keep them young has fuelled the spurt and growth of a multimillion dollar beauty products industry as well as thriving business in the fitness and beauty care services industry. Men are not far behind. Though traditionally grooming and styling in the case of men was limited to royalty, celebrities or socialites, the trend over the times has changed. Today every young man aspiring to be an achiever believes in maintaining his health, fitness as well as spends time, effort and money on grooming himself.

Trend of Mens Health

We do see the trend of health consciousness increasing amongst the urban men. With men paying attention to grooming themselves, we see a host of products, services, treatments and medicines that are available for men’s grooming and care. Fitness and wellness industry too has come up and you will find a fitness center as well as saloons in the corner of almost every street in the cities.

Traditionally we see two of the factors that men are very sensitive about. Men, irrespective of caste, creed, society or nationality are worried and sensitive about their libido and their hair. This is one area that the men’s opinions and outlook has not changed for over centuries and continues to remain the same. Catering to this need of men, makers of Viagra and other aphrodisiac products as well as those who make hair dye and other hair treatment products and services have made millions.

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One can understand the sensitivity of men with regard to their sexual drive. But about their hair and hairstyle is something that is very strange. The receding hairline and graying hair is always a source of concern for every man and these in no way make a difference to his attractiveness or individuality. Psychologically men associate their hair with their male identity and many feel inadequate if they find themselves with receding hairline in the early years.

Graying of hair is yet another concern that grips men in the age group between thirty five to fifty. Graying of hair is caused due to the absence of the pigment called melanin in the hair roots. The reasons for graying of hair as well as baldness can be genetic as well as environment related. Most often the causes are known to be genetic and hereditary.

Today men are open to spending money on grooming themselves and keeping fit. Accordingly there are very many solutions that are available to them to keep looking younger and maintain a stylish hairstyle. Coloring and pigmentation of hair combined with professional hairstyling can help them look good. For those who seek permanent solution, there are various hair transplant and surgical treatments that are available.

There is also a growing tribe of celebrities and men who are adopting their natural hair color and sporting grey hair and enjoying it too. This small tribe of men seems to make a statement about their individuality. We hope that more and more men follow the footsteps of this band of men and adopt natural hairstyle but continue to pay attention to their grooming as well as fitness and health.