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Viagra Side Effects

Although Viagra is not a harsh medicine itself but it can have certain contraindicative effects and can cause serious harms to the health of patients taking it along with other medicines without consulting their physicians. In addition to this, taking high doses of the medicine are also harmful for the health of patient. Using Viagra is strictly prohibited specifically in the cases when you are taking any medicines containing Nitrates as the major components. In addition to this people consuming the recreational medicines and drugs like poppers should also avoid taking Viagra.

Why it is dangerous to take Viagra with other medicines

The major reason behind using this medicine along with these drugs is that the latter contain a considerable concentration of nitrate and nitrogen containing compounds. The compounds and chemical composition of Viagra can seriously harm the body by reacting with these nitrate, nitrite and nitrogen rich compounds. In addition to this the use of this drug along with other medicines in combination or in alone should also be seriously prohibited when you are advised by the physician to avoid any sexual activity.

Viagra in combination with other medicines

The people suffering from hypertension and using the medicines to lower their blood pressure should also not use this medicine because Viagra can effectively reduce and drop the blood pressure to dangerously low levels. If it goes unchecked, this could produce a highly alarming situation. That is why its use with other medicines containing nitrates and alpha brokers is prohibited. If the blood pressure is dropped suddenly it can cause fainting, dizziness, stroke, heart attack and even loss of consciousness. These are some common side effects of Viagra which have been observed most commonly among the patients using some other specific medications as well along with the Viagra tablets.

Damaging effects of Viagra on sexual and physiological health

Observations and studies have shown that there are some other very unusual, alarming and highly dangerous side effects of this medicine which can seriously damage the sexual and physiological health of the patient. Among these uncommon side effects of Viagra the most common and dangerous one is priapism. This is the condition of penis in which the erection does not go away even after the completion of sexual activity. In addition to this a considerable change occurs in the vision of person.

Defects in vision as a side effect of Viagra

The difference between blue and green colored objects is lost result in appearance of a blue tinge as detected by the eye. Other common side effects of this medicine include an upset stomach, flushing and headache, infection of digestive and urinary tract and runny nose. It is also important to tell the health care professional about your intake of Viagra in case you are having any abnormality in your physiology because in case of receiving any emergency medical care, it would be helpful in collecting information and treating the disease. Mostly the physicians would go for the tests to check the levels of this chemical in your blood and then would go to decide further reaction.

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