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Psychological effects on Lesbians and Gays

According to the supreme court of United States, the same gender marriage is allowed. And this decision was made due to the affirmation of many social scientists who claimed the loneness of gays, lesbian and bisexuals’ community. It is to be said that marriage is a protection contract which shows many of the benefits. Susan Roxburgh said, we are living in such a society where marriage is too much important. That’s is why if we study on 50 years of people then it will be revealed that they did marriage once in their past life and gained the benefits on the marriage life. It is also said as the social supportive and social controlling element in our society. It has a good relation that someone is look after of you despite of you well being. So in this way, it is proved that married couples spend too much relax and healthy life as compare to unmarried couple. Moreover married people live a long life span and their suicide and depressed persons ratio is very negligible.


Robin Simon is also agreed from these ideas and said that marriage provides a big social boost and grateful psychological effects. Those people who live together with a committed relationship spend a good time as compare to the singles. But still married couple has no comparison because their life is too much psychological well being and that is why the LGBT wants to do marriage. It is commonly said that the marriage is the basicaaly relationship built between man and woman and many of the religious societies does not allow such sort of same gender marriage.

But many opposition of same sex marriage gave the support to civil union of gay couple. Dr. Jack Drescher said that desire of the legal protection and social benefits of the marriage are far different concepts regarding marriage. When gay marriage becomes legalized in the state then they felt blessing but in the result they felt many problems. Because due to the same gender it was difficult to judge that who will go to visit hospital if someone is sick? Moreover how can they move from one state to other due to different laws? How they do with the children due to the same handle adoption and many more questioned. Drescher added that marriage removes the anxiety and problems from the married couple but it can be increased when they adopt such a ways which are not widely accepted.

Meyer said, it is a very practical form of protection which comes with the marriage and it is main element which built a relation and attached the people to build a life with each other.