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Common Knowledge Helps

Science and technology is making rapid progress. The advancement in the recent or the past two hundred years has is perhaps the highest progress made so far in any civilization that is known to mankind. Man has been able to use science and technology for the welfare of mankind and make life comfortable. The recent years have seen specialization in the fields of bio technology, molecular biology, nano technology and other disciplines that is paving way for new methods and better understanding of the human body and its mechanisms as well as of the animals and other plant life as well.

The working of nature is far more specialized and advanced when compared to man’s understanding and capabilities. Man can only discover certain aspects of nature and there is never an end to learning. Medicine and healing as well as finding cures and treatment for the various ailments that the humans suffer from has been the quest for many since times immemorial. With the advancement in science and technology, our understanding of the ways of nature and its system of working is increasing thereby enabling the mankind to find cures and treatments in line with the same.

What does all this mean to a common man? First and foremost it gives him the confidence that health care and cure is available and that one need not worry about being diseased. Fear of ill health is something that haunts many individuals. On the other hand it also means that our understanding of our body mechanisms and of the nature and her secrets can be better understood by one and all through the scientific research and advancement. How does this help us you may wonder?. They say prevention is always better than cure. Therefore the knowledge helps us prevent diseases and ill health. It gives us an understanding of the entire mechanism of the human body. Once we understand how things work within us, we are able to understand many a things that we go through in life and deal with them in a better fashion.

Hormones form an important part of the human metabolic system. These bio chemicals are produced by certain specific glands and tissues and they help regulate the metabolism, digestion, assimilation, growth and reproduction functions in the body. Present day lifestyle is causing hormonal imbalance in the body leading to imbalance in physiological as well as psychological behavior or persons. Most of us do not understand why suddenly an individual begins to behave funny. In many cases we find men around fifties turning neurotic in their behavior. While some sulk or get extremely nervous, there are many who tend to come down with anxiety, depression and start avoiding talking to people etc. It is not only their bodily behavior but their social behavior and work begins to slack as well. Those who have a general knowledge about medical facts are easily able to recognize this to be a andropausal stage that the individual is going through and suggest remedial action or advise the individual to seek medical assistance. Hormonal imbalance can play havoc with the mind as well as the body of the individuals. Women are known to go through mood swings and anxiety disorders as well as depression during their monthly menstrual cycle. This holds good for men as well when they enter the stage of andropause where the production of testosterone in the body begins to get reduced.