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Use chocolate, get heart benefits

Heart is a main organ of a body which is used to pump the blood throughout the nerves. Living person is alive when this process in continue otherwise any kind of blockage in this system may turn him into dead. There are many reasons which block this system and production of the cholesterol inside is a major reason. It does not allow the blood to circulate properly and working of the heart may disturb. So many of the medicines are available to control the cholesterol level or use to decrease it. But now researcher have find out a new way that use of the chocolate is also helpful in heart problems. It is observed that use of the chocolate in daily routine is helpful in heart disease and stroke.


A United Kingdom researcher reported that persons, middle age and older, use chocolate (milky or black chocolate) 3.5 ounce or more in a day get more benefits in heart issues. Dr. Phyo Myint said that there is no need to worry about the use of the chocolate in cardiovascular issues because we did not observe any kind of problem in this situation. So such kind of patients can use chocolate now and in future. This study is only for the connection between the chocolate and cardiovascular patients and it does not explain the cause and effect. Researcher did this research on 25000 men and women for 12 years of duration. It is found that about 14 percent of the people got ill due to heart issue or stroke problem. So they resulted that about 14 percent of the people less likely ill in heart problem who use chocolate 3.5 ounce on the daily basis.

In the result, it is concluded that the heart risk is 29 percent and stroke is 21 percent reduced due to the use of chocolate.

On contatrary Myint and Urman said, these finding is not reliable and we cannot suggest the use of the chocolate for every patient. Because there is a possibility that in this research patients had control diabetes and we cannot allow diabetes patients too much use of chocolate. So it is important to use heart-healthy diet to protect the heart from such kind of problems and be caution from chocolates. So people should not depend on the chocolate to save from heart disease and strokes because this is unauthentic and not reliable. No any medicine is available which act as a magic to cure every type of the heart problem just by use of one medicine.