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Causes and Ways of Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual problems which are found in men. Numbers of people become the victim of this sexual problem because of unawareness regarding this sexual problem. Besides this, many doctors are not professional in treating sexual problems so when a finds tells the symptom of erectile dysfunction, doctors treat another health problem rather than diagnosing the right problem and then treating it. Erectile dysfunction is not caused by only problem but there are many causes of this problem. Due to different causes of erectile dysfunction, different methods are followed in order to treat impotence.

Depression and ED

Erectile dysfunction that is caused by depression, anxiety and different medical problems is treated by the help of available medicines. Moreover, some people also become the victim of erectile dysfunction due to the use of some medications. Medication of high blood pressure is one of them. People ignore the side effects of medicines while taking them and sometimes take overdose to get desired results in minimum time. Taking medicine in this way causes a lot of trouble for the health. This is why it is always recommended by the doctors to their patients to take only prescribe dose of right medicine. Otherwise the chances of getting other health problems become high. Medicines which are available in market for erectile dysfunction treatment are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. Some people use these medicines in order to increase erection time despite of knowing that it is only recommended for impotent people. Since such people take these medicines without any prescription so they are caught by many health problems.

There are some other treatments for erectile dysfunction but they are usually not preferred because of their high cost and many disadvantages. Use of vacuum or electronic pump is one of common ways to treat erectile dysfunction permanently. In this treatment, doctors install an electronic pump that increases the blood flow rate in penis before sexual activity. With high blood flow rate for long time, the penis starts getting erection and thus the person attains normal penile erection. In the use of vacuum pump, it is very necessary to consider the best brand while selecting a pump. The last and another effective way of treating erectile dysfunction is surgery. Basically, doctors try to wide up the pathway of blood through arteries. Sometimes, the deposition of fats and oils on the walls of blood vessels reduces the blood flow rate. This surgical method removes such things from the blood flow and gives a maximum available area to flow. Many people ask questions that which of them is the best way to treat erectile dysfunction? The selection of best method is dependent on the cause of erectile dysfunction. For example, if you have ED problem due to high blood pressure or bad medication then you can be treated by medicines. But if you have ED problem due to spinal cord injury then doctor will recommend you to go for surgical method. You can get more knowledge about impotence from other articles.