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Taking fatty foods for five days can alter the manner of processing food

Some people think that there will be no effect on body because of eating fatty food for a few days. If you are one of them, you must think again about it. The body responds to high fat diet after taking fatty food for five days in which muscle processes the changes in nutrients and thus it can be very problematic for the body in long term. It surely increases the weight and creates many health issues like obesity or diabetes.

Fatty Food

As associate professor of human nutrition at Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences , Matt Hulver, explains that many people think they cannot get obesity like issues if they take high fat food for five days. In a recent article published online, Matth Hulver and other researchers from Virginia Tech University explained that muscle metabolizes nutrients is changed in only five days. It was the first time when it was proved that this change appears so quickly.

This research proves that our respond to diet changes more quickly than we have thought of, Said Hulver. It is a fact that we people do not much care about our diet and take the food without considering its after affects. If you are serious about this, five days responding time is very short and it is known to all of us that we take high fat foods in different events of our life like vacations, holidays and many other celebrations. These events are special for us and we do not ever think about taking healthy food at that time.

The level of glucose increases in blood when we eat food. Our body’s muscle need to use this glucose by breaking down it to get energy. This glucose can also be stored by muscle that is used later as per energy demand. Since muscles are responsible for 30 percent of our body’s weight, so if the glucose metabolism disturbs due to any cause, it will show after affects on body and thus many health issues can appear related to obesity.

Hulver and his Colleagues researchers revealed that when muscle oxidizes the high fatty meal for five days, muscle alter the way it is processing the food. A study was conducted by researchers in which they fed fatty food like sausage, macaroni, cheese and biscuits to healthy college students. In this study, college students take 55 percent of fats that is 25 percent more than normal fat. Muscle samples were collected and analyzed. It was found that manner of metabolizing the glucose was altered, and students didn’t gain the weight which was shocking. But one thing for sure is right that short term changes in muscles due to heavy intake of fatty food can adversely affect their performance in long run. It should be taken very serious when one is taking fatty foods more than normal because it can lead to severe health problems in future.