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Is Younger Generation Completely Safe from ED?

It is medically predicted that a lot men have to experience traces of erectile issues sooner or later, however the probability of experiencing such issues at an early age is very feeble. It has been seen that the men between the age group of 45 years to 65 years often feel the presence of occasional erectile issues. Although, the chances of a severe condition might not be so strong with the younger generation, yet, the frequency of such erectile dysfunctions and other sexual disorders tend to increase as one ages and the age factor plays a crucial role in determining and predicting a period when a person is highly vulnerable to such penile problems.

But, there have been registered cases in which men belonging to a much smaller age group have been suffering from erectile dysfunctions for a while and though, it might be surprising to see a young man fighting with this complication, it should be understood that this particular case is not the single one. There are numerous cases where the patient suffering from erectile dysfunction has not even hit their 30s and within such a tender age, they have become the victim of such a gruesome disease.

Younger Generation and ED

Medical Conditions Responsible for ED in Younger Generation

According to famous sexologist in the University of Cleveland Dr. James T. Wang, Viagra should not be the primary treatment for anyone reporting to have experienced any kinds of symptoms of erectile dysfunctions. Although with the tremendous success and pomp of the medications for erectile dysfunctions like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, doctors and sexologists tend to prefer these medications and try to prescribe them to each and every person who have experienced any kind of symptoms related to such erectile issues. Such doctors do not investigate the condition thoroughly and do not take much interest to drive out the root cause which is actually causing the erectile problems.

It is fine up until one point, but such immature treatment regimens might take an ugly turn since erectile dysfunction is an amalgamation of various other diseases. Such ailments may include cardiac diseases, high blood pressure levels, and a lot more. It is, therefore, very important to analyze all the factors before prescribing a treatment regimen to a particular patient and it is highly recommended that all the risk factors should be judged before giving any medications. A few crucial risk factors which may affect the initiation of the erectile dysfunction are excessive smoking, restless drinking, consuming recreational drugs, drinking juices with high concentration of grape vine and lots more.

Now, one might think that what can be the best possible method of confirming whether an individual is suffering from erectile dysfunction or not. Well, there is a method which identifies whether a penis is actually in problem and the process which is used to evaluate this situation is known as the Pelvic Ultrasound. In this test, ultrasound waves are allowed to pass through the penile shaft and a receptor is fixed on the other end of the emitter. Once, the emitter emits a wave, the receptor receives it and checks the intensity of the received wave to probe whether there is an unusual supply of blood in the veins of the penis.