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There are also several accredited online stores where you can buy a tablet, provided that you have a prescription. However, counterfeits are more common in online stores since you are not able to see the actual product not unless it was delivered to you upon payment. Here are few tips to avoid fake Viagra online stores:

  • The store requires a valid prescription. It is illegal when it allows you to buy without any prescription from a qualified doctor.
  • Check the phone number, business name and address of the store in a US address book. You can also check the online store through Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS®).
  • Do not buy "Generic Viagra" as the FDA has not approved such product in the market.
  • A legitimate tablet comes in three doses only: 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg.
  • This pill is in tablet form. So if the store claims that it is made of anything other than tablet, it is a counterfeit, it is illegal and it is not safe.

Where to buy Viagra

Viagra is a prescribed drug for men with erectile dysfunction or ED, which means you, cannot buy a tablet without a written prescription from a doctor. To get a prescription, you need to consult a doctor about the symptoms you experience. It is very important to see a doctor about your sexual situation to avoid other complications that may lead to more dangerous and risky illness.

With the pill's popularity and claimed effectively, counterfeit versions began to surface in the market. These versions are cheaper than the original and are illegal. They can also incur harmful effects as no one has an idea what they are made of.

Viagra counterfeit possible contents

Experts from Pfizer, the manufacturer of Viagra in Canada was able to get some samples of the counterfeit versions of the pill and was able to extract them to see the contents of these illegal drugs. This is also to warn the public about the danger that these harmful items can make.

Among the contents found are the following:

  • Amphetamines - commonly known as "speed", a prohibited drug
  • Metronidazole - a powerful antibiotic that can lead to allergic reaction, diarrhea, and vomiting
  • High or low content of sildenafil citrate, which may cause risky complications
  • Binding agents - a form of drywall, which keep the pill from breaking down once inside your body
  • Other toxic ingredients, including boric acid, brick dust, floor wax, rat poison, and road paint

How to spot counterfeit

A Viagra counterfeit can be easy and hard to identify, especially nowadays when illegal companies have the machines to make it look like the original. Among the common properties of counterfeit versions are the following:

  • Blue printer ink. The prints on the package are not vivid. Some of them are printed on a common printer and with blotted edges.
  • Pale or too dark color of the pill
  • Ineffective. A genuine Viagra takes effect 30-60 minutes after intake and can last up to 4 to 6 hours. If the tablet you took in did not take effect on those particular times, it can be a counterfeit. A fake pill can also give an abrupt strong affect right after you take in.
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Should I Order My Viagra Online?

Order Viagra Online

With the proliferation of online Viagra products out there for anyone to purchase, it can be tempting to just go and buy it, right? It is so easy and convenient after all. However, we should all be aware that not all of these sources are safe nor actual genuine Viagra. The reality is, most people end up getting duped. However, this article hopes to give you a few tips and tricks in order not to get buying a dud:

The Genuine Article or Rather Pill

Most people have an idea of what a Viagra pill looks like. We all know it as the "magic blue pill" after all. But what does it actually look like and how can we spot a genuine article from a fake?

A genuine, branded Viagra pills is indeed blue but is also diamond-shaped pill. It also has the dosage strength stamped on one side and on the other, the name of the manufacturing company - Pfizer - as well as VGR written there. This is one way to know if the pills you are getting are the real deal or are they a dud.

If you happen to find out that the pills were about to purchase are not what was described above, then it's better not to buy them! These are more than likely to be fake.