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The Role of Genetics in Causing Erectile Dysfunction

It is not very clear whether erectile dysfunction is genetically acquired or not. Though, it is known to many that men might predispose certain medical conditions that may be a factor causing erectile problems like cardiovascular problems. Doctors are of the view that erectile dysfunction is a temporary condition and can be reversed easily with the help of a variety of treatments. There are many environmental and health related factors that contribute to achieving and sustaining a firm erection.

Role of Genetics

Health has a huge impact to play on the sexual performance of an individual. Poor health, obesity, smoking, unhealthy diet are some common causes that can degrade the sexual prowess of an individual. It can not only result in erectile dysfunction, but other health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. These majorly affect the blood circulation of the body. Another factor that affects an individual’s ability to achieve an erection is hormonal imbalances. Lower levels of testosterone can reduce libido in an individual. Psychological causes such as depression and anxiety are also responsible for causing erectile dysfunction in men.

Any type of injury or extended illness can be a crucial factor contributing to impotence. Any type of injury takes a toll on the body and can affect the sexual performance temporarily till the recovery period. Surgeries can even lead to temporary impotence. Illnesses that continue for long stretches of time such as cancer can put a lot of stress. Stress of any kind can degrade the sexual performance of an individual drastically. This might also include other psychological factors like guilt, anxiety, or depression. Such disorders may reduce the libido as the individual cannot fully attend to the sexual arousal. Such happens because of being constantly distracted by the tensions occupying the thoughts now and then.

An individual can be genetically predisposed to having any kind of disease or disorder that may be a factor causing erectile dysfunction. It is because erectile dysfunction itself is a symptom to many serious life threatening illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. Though it may seem threatening to any individual, doctors say that it is more of a temporary condition. It can be rectified by opting for medication or therapy with time. It will require a certain amount of patience and determination on the part of the patient. It will be embarrassing for the individual, but avoiding the problems only club the issues rather than bring out a solution. Talking about the impotency to the partner will help in eliminating the psychological factors relating to erectile dysfunction. It will provide support and the determination to fight against the condition.

Keeping a healthy body is quite essential towards maintaining a balanced sexual life. Discovering how to balance life with a healthy lifestyle is very beneficial for the long run. For instance, when an individual observes symptoms that relate to erectile dysfunction he should visit a doctor as it will help in determining the root cause behind the condition.