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When they did it, they lost weight

Selection of the favorite diet does not mean that selected diet can helps in reduction of the weight. The selection of the diet plan which is depended on the preference is not helpful to lose weight. This research was done on the two groups in which one group had to select one plan among two and the second group had assigned a random plan of diet. In result, it was cleared that first group lost less weight as compare to the second group who had no choice to select food. In the research about 207 people were assigned the one group randomly of the two groups. This study consists of 48 week in which both of the groups got telephonic and group counseling. It was found that first group lost less weight about 12.6 pounds but the second group lost 14.8 pound weight which is more than the first group. The reason behind this, when people are allowed to choose their own diet then they stick with the specific food regardless whether that food is decreasing their weight or not. But on the other hand, when special diet is recommended for group then it helps them to control their weight as compare to first group.

Weight Loss

Yancy said, the best diet for every person is that when he try some new food and stick on a specific food may not be a healthy sign. So it is important to try new food items in their daily routine and it is a known concept that our body enjoys more with the new taste of the food with the passage of time. He concluded that some of the diet can be responded on gene variant. There is a same diet which increases the obesity or diabetes in one genes but do not do so in second genes. So, in the same case with the diet can be possible that one diet responded better against the one gene as compare to the other.