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Sexual problem which can spoil your marriage life

It is true that technological improvements have made our lives very easy and comfortable but on the other hand they also have many disadvantages which we usually not consider. For example, if you are able to do a job with the help of a device from your chair then you will spend most of your time at chair and ultimately become the victim of obesity. It is very important for a person to move here and there at work time so that his body gets proper motion. This is why doctors suggest people to go out for morning walk daily so that they can breathe fresh air and move their body parts to avoid any kind of muscles pain. The digestive system also works in a better way if the man goes out for morning walk. But here I am not going to tell you about the ways which can keep you healthy but about a sexual problem that is increasing in men very rapidly.

Penile Erection

Impotence or erectile dysfunction in men has become one of the severe problems which affect the whole life of a person. This sexual problem is related to penis in men and since it is the vital part for sexual intercourse so he cannot enjoy the sexual activity in the right way. A man who is leading a healthy life can get penile erection easily when he is feeling sexual excitement. But this natural erection does not occur in the person who is impotent. Such a person needs specific kind of medicines which help him in increasing the penile erection time. What actually happens inside the body of suffering person? Well, blood flow through blood vessels plays an important role in giving the penile erection to the person. Due to some unfavorable circumstances, the blood flow becomes low and thus less blood passes through penile blood vessels. This less blood flow does not provide the required penile erection. In such condition, only the use of medicines can give the person a good treatment. But one thing should be kept in mind that it is impossible to get rid of this sexual problem. You can just become normal for certain period of time by the use of medicines but cannot cure it.

Mental tension, high blood pressure, diabetes, spinal cord injury and heart diseases are some of the main causes of impotence. It means if a person is able to control over these health problems, then he can avoid impotence easily. Impotence is also dependent on age factor. You may have noticed that people of age above 50 years cannot get penile erection like a normal person. So if a person is willing to have sexual intercourse at that age, then he will have to take the medicines which are made for this purpose. The main purpose of using the medicines is to activate the enzyme that is responsible for the blood flow. Its activity increases the blood flow through all parts of body and thus the person gets erection.