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Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction

Relationships are based on trust, honesty, commitment and of course sex. Many people do not consider sex a driving force for a better relation but, truth of the matter is that sex is equally important like the other things in any relationship. In fact, sexual intimacy is the thing that makes the relationships even stronger. But, there is also another side of the story. Sometimes, the same sexual act can be the reason for any turmoil in the relationships. This happens when the man is unable to satisfy the woman. Sexual dysfunction is to be blamed for all this. But, the silver lining here is that erectile dysfunction can be cured completely with apt remedies and treatment. Even the chronic cases are completely curable.

Smoking and ED

General Figures

In Canada and United States of America, the number of men having erectile dysfunction is skyrocketing. More and more men are finding it difficult to get an erection or hold the erection for a significant amount of time. Every year, more than 30 million men face the fact that they have erectile dysfunction and many of the cases are diagnosed but, stay unreported. Some recent studies say that, the cause of erectile dysfunction is a metabolic issue. Erectile dysfunction is not at all a lifestyle related issue. But, certain studies also say that certain lifestyle choices like smoking, alcohol and substance abuse are responsible for about 25% of the cases of erectile dysfunction.

The problem of erectile dysfunction is due to the blood flow in penis. When the blood flows into the penis, it gets an erection. Anything that hampers this process can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Connection between Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking not only damages the respiratory system but, also hampers the circulatory system. The fumes that are produced by smoking a cigarette contain carbon monoxide. This carbon monoxide binds with haemoglobin that is present in the blood and reduces the capacity of carrying oxygen from it. Also, the carbon causes deformation of the valves of the heart and reduces the RBC count. All these things come together and lead to a big damage of the cardiovascular system. The arteries begin to harden (arteriosclerosis) and this in turn, leads to a drop in the peripheral blood supply, especially to the genitals. Smoking can be blamed for this. Not only for this but, also for a reduced sperm count, loss of libido and raised sperm mortality.

Erectile dysfunction due to smoking cannot be treated solely by the use of medications such as Viagra. The condition exacerbates if the smoker also presents with the health issues like cardiac disorder or diabetes. The best thing that a man can do to reverse all the damage and get back to normalcy is to quit smoking. Several programs are especially designed to help the smokers. Certain programs on the internet and also, he de- addiction centres help the smokers to get rid of smoking.

Quitting smoking not only corrects the erectile dysfunction but, also helps in improving the overall health.