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Simple practices that will lead to an increased metabolism and burning of fats

Burning down of fat is essentially determined by one's metabolism. Having a slow metabolism will obviously mean that more fat is stored in the body and losing weight becomes quite an uphill task. Apart from the weight issue, a lot of fat being stored in the body poses quite a number of health complications. On the other hand having a fast rate of metabolism increases the rate at which fat is being burned in the body.

Having a higher rate of metabolism is not a guarantee that all the excess fat will be burned in a day or two, but it sure does make it much easier and much faster to achieve one's goal. With this in mind, there are a few practices that can make this happen and the good news is that they are extremely simple and conventional practices no need to trade an arm to achieve the set goals. The secret is choosing those that one can manage to do on a daily basis and then be disciplined and consistent. The two given below are simple and no hard work needed.



Everyone gets stressed from time to time, even little babies and unless the “stress” in question is eustress, stress has some harmful effects especially in high levels. Most of them are healthy related including stomach ulcers, cardiac arrest, depression and other psychotic disorders. Apart from these health complications that can be caused by stress, research also proves that stress serves as a major barricade to weight loss. Stress can be caused by a lot things most of them being external such as pressure from work place, brokenrelationships, bankruptcy among others. It can also be caused by internal factors such as intake of a lot of processed foods and drinks which creates stress within the body and one of the effects of this is inflammation. Stress also kills one's motivation and the hormones are in an uproar hence all efforts to be healthy and lose weight goes down the drain. Most people also have the tendency to indulge in comfort foods when they are stressed, however it is unfortunate that fruits, vegetables or any other healthy foods never serve as comfort food. Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress depending on its nature and degree. But whatever it is that one has to do, living a stress free life does wonders for the body. It boosts the rate of metabolism and shedding the extra pounds becomes much easier.


Most people who are struggling with weight issues have this utterly incorrect mindset that if they skip meals, they will lose weight much faster. Wrong. Everybody has a unique body and a unique metabolism. The only thing that happens when one skips meals is that the metabolism rate goes down but the weight remains, at times the weight goes up instead of going down. Instead of skipping meals, one should cut down on the portions of food they take, include more energy giving foods in the diet and take small portions of it during the day to increase the energy levels which subsequently increases the rate of metabolism. Eating a healthy breakfast is also crucial and really boast the metabolism and it starts working and burning fats at that early hour.