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Visualization of heart artery makes patient more conscious

A new study found that some heart disease patients by seeing image of their narrowed heart arteries can use healthier lifestyle and prescribed medications that make them healthy. If patient is seeing their calcified coronary arteries on the CT image it is enough to open their eyes. Some patient by seeing their coronary artery become shocked and can’t believe that the image of coronary artery that they are facing a real risk and challenges.

Heart Artery

A nurse Rikke Elmose Mols said, she is a PhD student at Aarhus university Hospital, this is wake-up call for all patients and need to use prescribed medications to review their behavior and for lower the risk of having coronary artery event. The research study shows that 189 people have heart disease and that is not good for health of people. CT image of some heart patient show that the calcium increases on the walls of their heart arteries and this condition is called coronary artery calcification.

She also told the patient about increasing risk of heart disease and the coronary artery calcification. She also advice them to use healthy diet plan and do some exercise to control their blood pressure and cholesterol level. Mols said that it is an effective method by seeing the visualization of their heart artery images because most of the patient becomes more conscious by seeing their own heart image and they try to use more effective method for its improvement and use a proper healthy diet. But still more research is required on large scale so, it would be confirmed that it is applicable for all of the patients or not?