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Incontinence reduce due to weight loss surgery

Now it is recommended through the study that urinary incontinence can be reduce for a long time by weight loss surgery. There are many risk factors which can increase the urinary incontinence like high weight, too many pregnancies or may be a genetic problem. But obesity is the dominating reason which can cause urinary incontinence . In this disease, urine leaked due to laughing and coughing. The weight loss surgery help to reduce the extra amount of weight and in this way bladder become under control. This research consists of benefit of surgery after three years. Dr. Leslee Subak said, the long term benefit of this surgery is use to motivate the overweight people and also reduce urinary incontinence as well. It is a fact that about 30 millions of the United States adults victimized of this problem and it decrease the quality of life, researcher said. Subak added, weight loss from any ways, from surgery, from healthy life style or from diet is helpful to reduce the urinary incontinence for obese people in first year. But long terms effect is not confirmed through any evidence.

Two thousand people between the age from 18 to 78 participated for this study and all of them passed from weight loss surgery from 2005 to 2009. They had surgery from 10 different hospitals of the US and 79 percent were women among those participants. After the surgery, half of the women and 20 percent of the men were admitted to test their urinary incontinence once time in a week. There was a great loss of weight, 29 percent women and 26 percent in men, which control their bladders condition and high weight people got less level of improvement depending on their weight, study found.

Old age patient and those patients who had great walking problem due to their high weight got less improvement. This risk is increased with the increase of each 10 pond of weight.

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