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Satisfactory Sex Is The Key To Successful Relationship

Love is very important for every person who is living in this world. It is hard to survive in such a world without having the feeling of Love. Love is a special feeling of a person for other and this is the thing which makes the person to take any step for the loved one. A true lover always tries to keep his love happy. The presentation of true love always comes in the form of sexual intercourse in the end. Here I am talking about the pure love of two opposite genders who have feelings for each other. Let us talk about the sexual intercourse which would be the part of their lives once they have started liking each other. During sexual intercourse, both man and woman want to have satisfactory sex and both wants to increase the time of intercourse. Well, in case of woman she has the capability to prolong the sexual intercourse because it is natural that women get satisfaction in sexual intercourse after long time. Men have to increase their erection time in order to sexually satisfy the women. There is another effective way through which both members of a couple can enjoy the sexual intercourse for longer time. This way includes the foreplay before the sexual intercourse. Foreplay is so much important before sexual activity and many couples forget to do that because they just want to start sexual intercourse right away. It is strongly recommended to such couples that they should plan sexual intercourse before or if they are interested in doing it they should tell each other that they will start sex after foreplay. Some couples foreplay enjoy more than sexual intercourse because there are several things which you can do and get sexual satisfaction through them.

Some men say that their life partners take much time to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse and before that they ejaculate because they cannot control their ejaculation after certain time. Doing foreplay is the best option for such men. Women get half of their orgasm during foreplay if it is done in a proper way. The most important thing for man is to do foreplay in an erotic way rather than you are forcing your partner to do so. Good communication during sex can also lead both members towards satisfaction.

You may have seen that several kinds of medicines are being sold in market to increase the time of erection. Many people use them without asking to a doctor and then put themselves in severe difficulties. Every medicine that is available in market has some side effects. If the doctor recommends you to take specific medicine in order to increase the erection time, then he will also tell you about its side effects and causes so that you could avoid them. It is also possible that he might recommend you to do specific exercises like Kegel exercises which are very useful in increasing the time of erection. By increasing its time, one can do sexual intercourse for longer period of time.