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Is Diabetes Patients risk for their relationship?

Some of the diseases remain still in patient body but some have ability to transfer from one person to other especially those people who are in relationship. Recently diabetes is also diagnosed as same disease which might affect the health of the relationship. Wife and other people in home detected blood sugar with doubled value in one year when one people had problem of diabetes among them. Mohammed K. Ali said, risk relating to health always found in people who are socially connected. So people living with each other in one home remain at risk of health even they are two. It is important for the doctors that whenever they check any patients and diagnosed diabetes then they should advised them to check the blood sugar of their home partners instead of waiting for years.


Glucose test in blood is not needed to identify their sugar level. It can be by weighing patient weight, a paper pencil test and by asking some questions about his health issues. It is a sensible method to identify and it is the requirement of this age. Audrey C. Chu said, regardless of the environmental effects, if any family has background of diabetes then there is a big possibility of having by close relation members. Dr. Bendix Carstensen added that it is come to know very first time in my medical history and I am also feeling surprised.

James B Meigs said, it is mistake of researcher that he did not show BMI (Body Mass Index) of any patient and if the obesity factor includes in this research then result will be different. He said, study author is presenting a huge results but I think it is not as dangerous as it is presenting. If actual data provided then there will be different outcomes.

Ali concluded that there is also possibility that patient should encourage to test the blood sugar level of their partners so that more effective result will gained. Because this study is just based on the observations and Ali with his team is ready to investigate it further in his next research.