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Common health problems faced by people

Science has made many things easy for us. Now we have different types of devices which are very helpful in doing a job efficiently and in short time. In present days, there are many health problems which have become very common in people. Some common health problems are erectile dysfunction, headache, bruises and cuts, cold flu and cough etc. We will here discuss about each health problem in detail. But it is important to note that these common health problems can be transmitted from person to person. So it is better that you avoid the contact with people if you are living with those people who have these health problems.

Getting cuts on the skin and injuries are very common in children. Children usually play together and sometimes hurt each other unintentionally. Sometimes children come in contact with those objects which are sharp and can damage the skin. It is important to tell that everyone should visit doctor’s clinic in order to treat his major injuries. Contrary to this, first aid kit can be used to tackle minor injuries like knife or blade cut etc. First aid kit contains all those things which can help a person in treating minor injuries. Bandage, scissors, anti-biotic spray or liquid and tape are included in this kit. It is not very expensive so any person can easily purchase it. You must also have an idea about using the first aid kit equipments in case of emergency. All in all, a sound medical knowledge is very necessary for every person whether he is a doctor or not.


Headache is one of the most common health problems. A headache is usually caused by thinking too much about a thing or getting several stresses at a time. In this kind of health problem, the person should make sure that he has some pain killers in his home so that he can use them in case of emergency situation. Bringing the children again and again to the doctor may be hectic way for most of the parents so you must have some common medicines which you can give in case of flu or nausea etc.

Cold flu and cough are very serious health problems and nearly every person becomes the victim of these health problems. When the bacteria of cough and cold flu attack the body of a healthy person, the immune system tries to resist the attack of bacteria. If the bacterial are stronger than immune system then the person becomes the victim of these health problems. In such a case, antibiotics are taken to improve the immune system. In order to protect siblings from getting transmitted diseases, then they should avoid using glasses, toothbrush and other utensils of each other. You should keep this important thing in mind. It is not necessary that every person will get all these health problems, but it is true that most of the people become the victim of these health problems.