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Blue Eyes may addicted of Alcohol

According to the new study it is said that people having blue eye may be a high addicted of alcohol. Genetic field researcher said that this attempt may be proved very useful for doctors and other psychiatrist to find out the roots and cause of the alcoholism. Dawei Li was also the in the team of the researcher and did a huge work in the field of the genetics to collect a data base of more than 1000 people and most of the people in this research were subjected as black or European American. All persons had the same problems like bipolar disorder, depression, mental illness schizophrenia and dependence on drugs and alcohol. These all complexities are caused by the many social influences and genes interference, Li said.

Blue Eyes

Due to the data base composed by the Li, researcher collected data of 1200 people who were suffering from alcoholism. Firstly they examined their eye colors which were blue and moreover they look over their gender, time, residential area and their ages. It was found that people with the light color of eye was high victimized of alcohol as compare to dark color eye people but people with blue color eye was highly addicted of alcohol. The researcher said elements of the genes which determine the eye color might be responsible to addition of the alcohol. Arvis Sulovari, said in the new release of the research that eye color is very helpful to identify the alcoholism and diagnosing for the doctors.

It is important that more research is required to identify that how much blue color is important for identification of the alcoholism but this study only explain the relationship between color of the eye and addition of the alcohol and does not explain the cause and effect.