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High Potassium diet is good to keep blood pressure low

A new research reveals that teenagers who take diet of high potassium resist more to high blood pressure in adulthood compared to those who take low-salt diet as it has no effect on health.

High Potassium Diet

In this study, eating habits of 2,185 girls of aged 9-10 years old were tracked for 10 years by researchers. This study revealed that girls who took low amount of potassium through their diet in teenage had high blood pressure than those girls who took diets with high potassium. Through this study, it was confirmed by the researchers that sodium intake has no effect on a person blood pressure however potassium intake can help teenagers to maintain normal blood pressure at their adulthood.

An associate professor at Boston University and study’s author, Lynn L. Moore, said the results of this study are important because usually nutritionist recommend to reducing the intake of sodium to improve adult health and adolescent. Now this study supports the fact that sodium does not have long term effect on health but potassium has. So increasing intake of potassium would help in maintaining blood pressure rather than sodium.

You will be amazed to know that many favorite food items of teenagers are good source of potassium. A snack size box of snacks contains more than 350 milligrams of potassium. Similarly, a baked potato has 700 milligrams and baked potato fries have 500 milligrams of potassium which are more than enough for teenagers and complete the needs of body. Low fat yogurt, kale, spinach, papayas and dried coconut all are good sources of potassium and are liked by most of the teenagers.

According to Dr. Moore, it is highly recommended to teenagers to take at least 4,700 milligrams of potassium that is necessary for a healthy body, but only a few people meet this recommendation. Potassium intake has many other health benefits too which a person can enjoy at every phase of his life. Since people diet has low percentage of potassium so there is a requirement to change the diet plan so that better results can be seen regarding health in future.

Dr. Moore said. ”Our Kids need to consume more potassium rather than stopping them to take sodium. Since Sodium has no significant effects on health, so by only increasing potassium intake in them we can control high blood pressure issues of children at their age of adolescence.”