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The Natural Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

Replacing Viagra with natural medications


We all know that Viagra is one of the most used medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction is otherwise known as impotence is an abnormality that occurs in men in that they will not be able to get an erection which is hard enough for sexual intercourse with the female. This condition has been one of the most challenging things that men have to afce today, one can really be mocked by women or his pears if he cant satisfy his female partner sexually, and this, as a result, has made many men be shy of coming out boldly to admit to having the condition, every person likes to keep it a secrets from the public. Viagra is a medication that was approved and granted a license to operate as a medication for curing this condition. Due to the fact that the drug might not be perfect for everyone to use as well as the price of buying the drug, there are some naturally available medications that perform the same function and action as Viagra, to some even more active and efficient than the Viagra itself.

The natural replacement for Viagra are as follows:

  • Panax-ginseng - this herbal medicine is also called the herbal Viagra, there has been a lot of researches that had happened just to determine the authenticity of this herb, and many patients of erectile dysfunctions have testified to its effective function as well as no side effects that follow it. The herb is also known as the red ginseng has doses ranging from 600 to 1000 mg and can be taken three times daily. There is the presence of an element in the ginseng herb call Ginsenoside this act at the cellular level in other to improve erection in men. It has been discovered that the action of Panax-ginseng is very effective for people that have high lipids present in their blood as well as metabolic syndrome. This herb is said to have an anti-inflammatory action, improves the flow of blood, improves lung function and all other characteristics that might reduce erectile dysfunction.
  • L-arginine - this is another natural herb that can be used to replace Viagra, it is an amino acid that is naturally available in the body of humans that helps in the production of nitric oxide, the essence of nitric oxide is to help in facilitating a successful erection as well as important for sexual functioning. There was a study that revealed over 80% of the participant that took this herb when mixed with pycnogenol which is a tree bark, many of them resolved their erection problems within three months.
  • DHEA - this an acronym that means Dehydroepiandrosterone, this is another natural replacement for Viagra in the cure for the medication of erectile dysfunction, this is a natural hormone that is produced by adrenal glands, this can be converted to both estrogen as well as testosterone in the body system. Some researchers in the past have proved the DHEA is a very effective herbal medicine that can be used for the cure of erectile dysfunction.