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You can see that everything is improving and becoming more and more reliable. If we talk about the computer then you will come to know that it was very big in the past. Lots of people were required to operate it. Now it has been compacted to a small design. Same if we talk about the medical field then there were many medicines in the past which were not reliable. So with the dedicated work of our scientists, we become able to use those medicines which give you results in a short time and they are more reliable than the past one. In this article, I shall tell you about one of those reliable medicines that is Viagra. Viagra has a generic name, like other medicine, Sildenafil citrate. So what is the purpose of Viagra?
Viagra is used by the people for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction is a well known sexual problem. Different sexual problems have different effects on our body but due to this problem a person cannot get enough erection.

Let us talk about the importance of erection. Every married couple does sexual intercourse after his marriage. In sexual intercourse, penis is a sexual part of man’s body. An erected penis is very necessary because without it he cannot enter his penis in to the vagina of female. Besides, penis should be hard and stiff. It is an automatic process due to which penis become erect in sexually excited condition in a normal man. The signals from the brain reached to an enzyme that regulates the flow of blood. According to this signal, this enzyme enhances its activity and increases the blood flow through the arteries of penis. This high blood flow makes an erect penis.

Well, talking about the infected man you will come to know that the blood flow through the arteries of penis does not increases. The main reason of restricted flow of blood in infected man is high level of cholesterol. A layer of this cholesterol and fats start to deposit on the arteries. The create problem in the flow of blood and penis remains soft during sexually excited state. How Viagra increases the blood flow? Viagra activates the enzyme and try to increase the blood flow to its maximum limit. Also it makes the arteries wide for greater flow of blood.

Before using of Viagra, you should consider the flowing points two to three times. After this decide that whether you want to use Viagra or not. Viagra is not helpful for the body if you will use it with those medicines which have the composition of nitrates. Such medicines are mostly used for the treatment of angina (chest pain problem). You cannot use Viagra if you have not asked your doctor about the right dose. A heavy dose may be harmful for your health. Viagra is recommended only for men so women cannot use it in any case. There are many side effects of using Viagra which you can avoid if you will use it according to the suggestion of doctor.